Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Goals

Turning twenty-five is a big deal. In order to celebrate that accomplishment, I decided to make twenty-five goals for the up coming year.  By writing this blog, I hope to improve my retention rate. I know I won't be perfect, but by the time I am 26 I hope to be a better version of me.

The goals:

Once for each year
1. Try 25 new foods
2. 25 craft projects
3. Read 25 new books
4. Meet 25 new people
5. 25 acts of service

6. Go to the Temple at least once a month
7. Daily scripture study
8. Daily Prayer
9. VT each month
10. Learn more about family history

Personal Development
11. Lose 25 lbs/ Feel healthy
12. Investigate my educational options
13. Being happy with myself- less comparison
14. Do something each month to improve my look
15. Become less addicted to my phone/ Facebook

Family Life
16. Learn how to better control finances
17. Get rid of clutter
18. Weekly date- activities specifically focused on relationship with husband
19. Work on being a better mom- activities to help B develop
20. Better record B's life

Just Because
21. Go on an adventure each month
22. Win something
23. Take picture each day (not only of B)
24. Start a business
25. Keep this blog going